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Resource Roundup: 2023 at Filament Games

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we’re strolling down memory lane! This resource roundup brings together the highlights that made this year exceptional. From groundbreaking game releases to sharp industry insights, we’ve curated a collection of resources that encapsulate our commitment to creating impactful educational experiences. Join us in celebrating the milestones that shaped the educational gaming industry in 2023! 

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A Year in Game-based Learning: Educational Trends and Insights from 2023

In this blog post, we explored prominent trends that emerged this year in the game-based learning and edtech industries. Educational gaming in 2023 was defined by significant maturation, shifting cultural attitudes, and expansion into workplaces and medical settings, proving its worth for both K-12 students and professionals seeking continuous education. Additionally, the convergence of game-based learning with mixed-reality technologies continued making abstract concepts tangible for both students and teachers. With increased inclusivity, data-driven insights, and mixed-reality learning, this was an exciting year for game-based learning. Get all of the details on 2023’s game-based learning trends and insights by checking out the full article. 

A Look Back at our 2023 Releases

From Roblox to mobile games to mixed reality, each project we create is a demonstration of our expertise in blending entertainment with education! In collaboration with our incredible partners, we’ve released a diverse array of games in 2023. Whether it’s diving into the exciting world of STEM with RoboCo Sports League or exploring cattle-handling best practices in Mooving Cows, we pour our hearts into projects that not only entertain but also inspire and educate. This is just a taste of what awaits in the full recap of our 2023 releases – read the full blog to discover each cutting-edge project we took on this year!

Educational Gaming Rewind: Our Highlights of 2023

This year, we earned several remarkable achievements and honors that truly underscore our commitment to advancing our field. RoboCo received a prestigious nomination as a finalist in the Games for Change Awards,  iCivicsPeople’s Pie clinched a GEE Award, and much more. Needless to say, our projects stood out on the educational gaming stage! 

But not only did our projects receive recognition, Filament Games itself earned a spot on the Training Industry’s Custom Content Development Companies Watch List, a testament to our 18-year legacy of delivering high-quality game development services. Discover the full list of our 2023 highlights and accomplishments by checking out the full blog linked above. 

From groundbreaking releases to industry insights, this resource roundup is a collection that encapsulates another year of game-based learning. We’re not just glancing back; we’re celebrating the boundless possibilities within the learning game industry. Want to explore those possibilities with us? Send us a message about your game-based learning project and let’s get started!

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