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Proven Excellence: Awards and Client Achievements

Our business and our clients have earned a multitude of awards and recognitions over the years for outstanding contributions to the field of educational gaming. These accolades span various categories, and our company’s and our clients’ consistent presence on award lists demonstrate our dedication to pushing the boundaries of interactive, intrinsically motivated learning. In this blog, we’ll summarize some of our and our client’s recent accomplishments and honors!

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2023 Games for Change Best Learning Game Award Finalist – RoboCo

Our sandbox robotics game, RoboCo, recently earned recognition as a finalist in the Learning Game category at the 2023 Games for Change Awards! Our game empowers players to immerse themselves in the world of robotics, allowing them to design, build, and program a myriad of robots to cater to the whims of hapless humans of the future

In RoboCo players snap together an array of robotic parts, customize their robot’s movements, and add playful cosmetics like googly eyes and hats. This game challenges players to think like engineers in a series of open-ended challenges, from delivering sandwiches to executing a romantic dinner or showcasing robot dance moves! We also included a Python programming option, which provides an additional educational aspect to this game. Its recognition in the Games for Change Learning Game category underscores its potential to engage players in an educational and creative exploration of robotics, the engineering design process, and automation.

2023 GEE Award – Formal Learning (Middle+) Winner – People’s Pie

Our client iCivics‘ game, People’s Pie, clinched the 2023 GEE! Award in the Formal Learning (Middle+) category. In People’s Pie, players embark on a challenging balancing act, tasked with the responsibility of funding vital government programs while maintaining a delicate equilibrium between tax rates and national debt. Through strategic decision-making, players set taxes and retirement age over a three-year period, grapple with diverse policy options and funding requirements across the federal government, and scrutinize policy proposals to determine funding allocations. 

The game challenges players to craft an annual budget that strikes the right balance or achieves a surplus, all while managing public approval, as each choice made carries significant consequences. The game’s GEE! Award victory highlights People’s Pie as a remarkable educational game that imbues players with an understanding of the national budget.

2023 GEE Award – Formal Learning (Elementary) Finalist – AJ’s Recycle Rescue

Another client of ours, Twin Cities PBS, earned recognition as a 2023 GEE! Award Finalist in the Formal Learning (Elementary) category for their game, AJ’s Recycle Rescue. This captivating game, based on PBS’s Hero Elementary TV series, invites young players to join the adventures of AJ Gadgets, the hero of Citytown, as they embark on a mission to harness the transformative power of recycling for the betterment of their community

In AJ’s Recycle Rescue, players collect discarded items such as wooden boards, rope, and tires, and then creatively upcycle them into functional playground equipment, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of critical conservation concepts and witnessing firsthand how our actions can positively impact the environment. This award nomination reflects the game’s outstanding educational value and its ability to engage elementary-level learners in meaningful lessons about environmental stewardship and sustainability.

2023 Training Industry’s Custom Content Development Companies Watch List – Filament Games

Our company has recently earned a spot on the 2023 Training Industry’s Custom Content Development Companies Watch List! This recognition calls out Filament’s exceptional expertise when it comes to designing and creating innovative and effective custom content for training and learning. Our inclusion on this esteemed watch list is a testament to our (18-year-long and counting) ability to deliver high-quality development services for a wide range of clients.

Being featured on the Training Industry’s Custom Content Development Companies Watch List for 2023 positions us as a trusted partner for organizations looking to enhance their training programs and deliver meaningful learning experiences. We’re proud of this achievement – our presence on this list further reinforces our reputation as a leader in the educational game development industry!

2023 David Himmelblau Award for Innovations in Computer-Based Chemical Engineering Education – Contents Under Pressure

Last but certainly not least, Contents Under Pressure, a chemical safety game we created with our friends at Rowan University, was recently honored with the prestigious David Himmelblau Award for Innovations in Computer-Based Chemical Engineering Education. This narrative-driven game teaches players critical chemical safety and risk management skills. 

In the game, players step into the role of a senior engineer tasked with overseeing a complex chemical plant. They are confronted with numerous binary decisions daily, each requiring a delicate balance between plant productivity, safety protocols, time management, and personal reputation. As the game unfolds, players face increasingly challenging decisions, culminating in the looming threat of a catastrophic hurricane system that could devastate the plant. 

Contents Under Pressure excels in providing a dynamic and realistic environment where players use information, risk management strategies, and their understanding of chemical plant operations to effectively lead and navigate the complex challenges of chemical safety and risk management. This award recognizes the game’s outstanding contribution to advancing chemical engineering education through innovative, technology-driven learning experiences.

We couldn’t be more proud of our hard-working, exceptionally talented staff and clients. Could your project be the next honored educational innovation? Contact us today, and let’s create the next award-winning educational game together!

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