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Getting to Know Adaptive Learning

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

In my 2018 EdTech predictions article, I tapped personalized learning for a big year, largely because of the way that personalized learning is expected to dominate Chan Zuckerberg Ed Investments. For the uninitiated, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is the philanthropic powerhouse created by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, and wields a prodigious facebook-sized largesse, so we…

Managing Large Gamedev Projects: 3 Pro Tips

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Tackling large-scale projects can be incredibly daunting…but as an Associate Producer at Filament Games, that’s literally my job. I’m currently working on one of Filament’s biggest projects yet, and with it has emerged an entirely new set of challenges for both myself and my colleagues. When balancing large teams, long timelines, and multiple stakeholders, it’s easy…

Why You Should Use Unity to Build Your Next Learning Game

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Any age, any platform, and any subject – when it comes to creating world-class games for learning and social impact, versatility is key. A vital component underlying this flexibility is our studio-wide adoption of Unity, a cross-platform game engine that we use to develop all of our learning games. In order to better understand the many justifications…

How to Get Hired at a Game Studio: Production Edition 2021

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

In our How to Get Hired Series, we interview hiring managers all about their departments, their best practices for success at Filament Games, and qualities in applications and applicants that make an impression. For this installment in the 2021 reboot of this series, we interviewed Shaina Peshkov, our Studio Operations Director. Shaina manages the Production,…

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