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3 Easy Ways to Bring AR into Your Classroom

Augmented reality is – literally – reshaping the world around us. (Image credit: Giphy) From catching creatures in Pokémon GO to making silly faces with Snapchat and Facebook picture filters, AR has infiltrated the mainstream, with combined hardware and software revenues set to exceed that of VR by the year 2021. As developers of custom-built game-based learning experiences, much…

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An Interview with the Team Behind Intel’s Tech Learning Lab

Intel’s Tech Learning Lab multi-city tour launches today, bringing cutting-edge immersive technologies and experiences to students and educators across the country – including our in-development STEM and robotics VR game RoboEngineers. Want to learn more about the initiative? Check out our exclusive interview with the Intel team: Give us an overview of Intel’s exciting Tech Learning…

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Game-Based Learning for Homeschoolers: A How-To Guide

Our team spends a lot of time guiding teachers through the process of implementing high-quality learning games in their K12 classrooms – but we simply can’t forget about our homeschooling friends! Which is exactly why we created this article: a complete how-to guide for getting started with our award-winning library of Filament Learning games! Let’s jump…

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Immigration Nation Remastered: An Interview with Game Designer Colin Skinner

To celebrate the recent launch of iCivics’ newly-upgraded Immigration Nation, we sat down with Colin Skinner, Game Designer at Filament Games and lead designer on the project, for a behind-the-screens look at the process of remaking one of iCivics’ most celebrated games. Check out the full interview below! Tell us a little about yourself and…

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Resource Roundup: Game Design and Development Colleges in Wisconsin

To those paying attention, it’s no secret that Madison, Wisconsin is home to a growing cluster of video game development studios – a phenomenon that we see occurring throughout the greater state, too. With the number of local community gaming events like M+DEV Conference, Madison FemDev, and Indie Arcade increasing each year, there has never been a…

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Find Filament Games at M+DEV 2018! 🎮

Did you know? While we’re most famous for our cheese, beer, and the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin is also home to a thriving game development scene! …and many more! Last year, local industry organization the Wisconsin Games Alliance kicked off M+DEV, a game development conference designed to serve as a gathering place for games industry professionals…

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