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Project Roundup: Science Games by Filament Games

Is there a better way to explore science than through the power of play? We don’t think so! As an educational game studio that’s been around since 2005, we’ve had the privilege of creating a wide range of science games for learners of all ages. Our science games are designed to make complex concepts accessible, engaging, and most importantly, fun! Grab your lab coat and safety goggles, because today, we’re revisiting some science games we’ve created over the years. 🥽👩‍🔬

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Twin Cities PBS

🎮: Properties of Matter

In partnership with Twin Cities PBS (TPT), we created a suite of educational games to accompany the PBS KIDS animated series, Hero Elementary. These games challenge young learners to solve real-world problems by applying their STEM knowledge and harnessing the Superpowers of Science. From exploring seasonal changes in Super Seasons Snapshots to learning about recycling in AJ’s Recycle Rescue, these games make science engaging for young learners. Since launching in 2020, the Hero Elementary games have been played over 5 million times across PBS KIDS’ website and mobile app! 

Inspire Science

🎮: Cosmic Pet Pods

We also developed four learning games for McGraw-Hill Education’s Inspire Science curriculum, which blends science and STEM concepts with problem-based learning, literacy, and math skills. Games like Save Our Spheres and Pinball Energy Challenge encourage experimentation, critical thinking, and self-guided learning through play, covering topics from environmental science to physics. 

Contents Under Pressure

In this narrative game we created with our client Rowan University, players assume the role of a senior engineer at a large chemical plant, making decisions that impact the plant’s output, safety, and reputation. As players navigate an impending hurricane system that threatens to ruin the plant, they learn valuable chemical safety and risk management lessons.

Breaking Boundaries

Developed in partnership with Meta (formerly Oculus), Breaking Boundaries in Science is a VR celebration of some of history’s most influential women in science: Grace Hopper, Marie Curie, and Jane Goodall. Drawing from primary sources and featuring the voice talent of Dr. Jane Goodall herself, this immersive experience spotlights these women’s stories and achievements. 

Climate Champions

Let’s switch gears to an analog game for a second! Climate Champions is a climate science board game that tasks players with growing the economy of Washington state while managing resources and navigating environmental changes. This hands-on, collaborative game promotes a robust understanding of climate change as a scientific phenomenon influenced by human activity.

Smithsonian Science

🎮: Bumper Ducks

Collaborating with the Smithsonian Science Education Center, we developed six digital learning games covering topics like physics, adaptation, and water conservation. From exploring animal diversity in Showbiz Safari to learning about natural disasters in Disaster Detector, these games serve formal and informal learning environments, from classrooms to homes and libraries. 


Designed to realize both STEM education goals for secondary students and training goals for US Navy sonar operators, WaveQuest is an interactive learning game that teaches players the underlying scientific concepts that determine the nature of underwater acoustics. Using real-time fidelity-adaptive modeling and simulation, learners work through a series of missions structured around a design problem, each increasing in difficulty and complexity. 

Reach for the Sun

Reach for the Sun is a stunningly illustrated plant growth learning game aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Through delicately constructed gameplay, players are tasked with growing their own plant from a seedling, defending it against insects, and helping it survive to the end of the year, exploring topics like photosynthesis and plant life cycles along the way. 

This is an inexhaustive list of incredible science games we’ve had the opportunity to create over the years. From chemical safety to plant biology, science games have the power to inspire curiosity, foster critical thinking, and make learning an adventure for any learner of any age.

Want to bring the power of game-based learning to your science curriculum? Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you create a custom educational game that will have students eager to learn and explore! 

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