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How to Embrace Failure

Dan White wants to talk about failure. Specifically, the way we view failure within the context of education. Many of our educator allies have spoken to us about their sense that sometimes, K-12 education is gripped by a culture of fear that’s driven by standards-based testing regimes and a hierarchy of institutional accountability that can create…

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How to Add Value to Your Reader’s Experience with Augmented and Virtual Reality

If you are a traditional educational book publisher, you have most likely asked yourself if adding an Augmented or Virtual Reality component to your books is a wise investment. You’ve seen some impressive demos of characters coming to life in 3D from a page and you think “that’s cool!” But then you ask yourself, “what’s…

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Speed Sketch: Filadogs

Game Art Team Lead Natasha Soglin created this adorable new Speed Sketch to introduce you to our office pets! Each of these furry friends makes a regular visit to the office and keeps us on our toes. Check it out and let us know what you think on our Facebook or Twitter! Want to watch Natasha…

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