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Assessment Tools

Our learning experts draw on a thorough understanding of instructor needs to design a wide variety of custom-built assessments. Our long history of developing assessments to match specific curriculum, content, and educational standards ensures that your assessments will be targeted and authentically useful instructor tools.

Audio Design and Production

Our in-house Audio Engineer works closely with the development team, creating original sound effects and compositions that fit any genre the client requires through a vast array of instrumentation. This content is wholly owned by the client at the end of the project, alleviating the need for burdensome ongoing rights management.

Curriculum Alignment

Whether your project has pre-existing curriculum or needs curriculum developed from scratch, Filament’s editorial specialists have you covered. With experience implementing both traditional and progressive curriculum practices, the editorial team will integrate your project’s content seamlessly into a curriculum that matches your exact goals.

Efficacy Research

Our efficacy research practice helps you analyze the impact of your project, validating market viability and instructional utility. These studies can be conducted by Filament, or through our partnerships with independent research organizations. We specialize in applying rigorous research methodologies to both standalone and longitudinal studies.

Game Design

Our game design process is built from the ground up to take your learning goals and transform them into engaging gameplay experiences. We understand that your needs are a blend of engagement with real efficacy and impact, and our design team will be your constant advocate not just for a great gameplay experience, but a great learning experience as well.


Filament offers custom, in-house illustration that will infuse your project with life and personality. Unlike other studios that outsource artwork, we provide you with access to our illustrators, offering unparalleled creative input on the aesthetic of your game. Art assets produced for your project become your intellectual property, without any need for licensing management once the project completes.

Game Development

Our game development team is renowned for their AAA development aptitude and deep passion for creating educational game experiences. Fluent in a huge variety of genres, educational topics, and platforms including Flash, HTML5, and Unity, our engineers will provide comprehensive, seasoned technical expertise to the development of your project.

Market Outreach

Instructor input is crucial to ensuring that your project is adopted and embraced when the development work is complete. Our outreach team develops partnerships with educators, professional development specialists, schools, and districts in order to learn of and analyze needs, conduct focus groups, and test with users. These services will help you establish the viability of your product in its intended marketplace.


Production owns all scheduling for projects and facilitates communication between development teams and clients. Our goal is to ensure the team is always focused on achieving your goals. Leveraging Agile practices, Producers work closely with you and the development team to identify your must-have features and align them with the realities of time and technology.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team has an extensive history of working on high-level quality assurance assignments, including AAA games and best-in-class medical software. Skilled in both ISO and IEEE compliance and led by an International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certified test manager, the QA department will be closely involved with your project, providing rigorous quality assurance from start to finish.

User Experience

Our User Experience Artists are responsible for designing the look and feel of each project, serving as the technical liaison between programmers and the illustration team. Filament has a deep commitment to player engagement in each project, and the UX team members are constantly iterating towards usability, clarity and quality in all player interactions.

Web Development

The web development team provides tight game to platform integration, from basic login screens and game portals to complex Learning Management Systems (LMS) with data tracking and reporting. Whether your project involves a game or is solely web development, leveraging this team will provide you with robust technical, backend implementation and attractive, functional frontend design.

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Step 1: Initiation

At the outset of the project, we work with the client to create a common understanding of product vision, target audience, external requirements, minimum viable product, and collaboration preferences. Client input is synthesized with our expertise to create learning objectives and gameplay mechanics that are seamlessly integrated.

Step 2: Design

Once the game mechanics and learning objectives are aligned, we turn to the vision and design of the project, including concept art, character design, and sound design. Since our art and audio teams are in-house, clients enjoy direct input to the aesthetic styling of their project and wholly-owned intellectual property when the project is complete.

Step 3: Development

We work with clients using an Agile software development framework known as scrum. Filament provides in-flight product versions for stakeholder feedback and conducts user tests of increasing scale as development proceeds. This enables a nimble project workflow that accommodates the unforeseen realities which emerge through the creative process.

Step 4: Closure

During the final phase, we work with testers to make sure that the project is polished, fully-functional, and viable for its intended marketplace. Our outreach team will connect your project with targeted demographics and researchers to provide use case information that incorporates learner and instructor perspectives. With this knowledge, we position the project to fit cleanly into its intended market at launch.

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