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Over the past decade, Filament Games has developed over 80 award-winning, engaging, and effective digital learning games for some of the biggest names in education and business. We would love to have a discussion about your project. But first, explore our work below and get inspired!

We’ve Got Skills

Take a look at our proficiencies, and see what our end-to-end game development studio can do for you.

Here’s How it Works

Our development process uses a four-stage structure, and is optimized to facilitate client collaboration.


At the outset of the project, we work with the client to create a common understanding of product vision, target audience, external requirements, minimum viable product, and collaboration preferences. Client input is synthesized with our expertise to create learning objectives and gameplay mechanics that are seamlessly integrated.


Once the game mechanics and learning objectives are aligned, we turn to the vision and design of the project, including concept art, character design, and sound design. Since our art and audio teams are in-house, clients enjoy direct input on the aesthetic styling of their project and wholly-owned intellectual property when the project is complete.


We work with clients using an Agile software development framework known as scrum. Filament provides in-flight product versions for stakeholder feedback and conducts user tests of increasing scale as development proceeds. This enables a nimble project workflow that accommodates the unforeseen realities that emerge from the creative process.


During the final phase, we work with testers to make sure that the project is polished, fully-functional, and viable for its intended marketplace. Our outreach team will connect your project with targeted demographics and researchers to provide use case information that incorporates learner and instructor perspectives. With this knowledge, we position the project to fit cleanly into its intended market at launch.

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