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Speed Sketch: Filadogs

Game Art Team Lead Natasha Soglin created this adorable new Speed Sketch to introduce you to our office pets! Each of these furry friends makes a regular visit to the office and keeps us on our toes. Check it out and let us know what you think on our Facebook or Twitter! Want to watch Natasha…

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iCivics Suite Updates: How The Art Evolved

Filament Games and have shared a long and prosperous relationship over the years, during which they have created nineteen learning games together. These games have been played in all 50 states by students and educators alike, teaching a wide variety of civics topics from basic American rights and judicial processes to the fundamental structure of…

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Implementing and Evaluating Your District Game-based Learning Program

Last year we released the District Game-based Learning Implementation Guide to help administrators, Technology Directors, and Curriculum Specialists introduce game-based learning at a district-wide level. Since then, we’ve heard inspiring stories about how these game-based learning programs have engaged difficult to reach students, empowered educators, and inspired gaming clubs and projects! We thought it was…

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Introducing unity3d-pixi

In education, technology moves more slowly than in the consumer world. Institutions must eke all of the value out of their existing hardware, and even when they do make new hardware purchases, the hardware is still not requisitioned with games in mind. This means that when we are charged with building software that is accessible…

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