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Resource Roundup: How It’s Made at Filament Games

Greetings, Filamentarians! This month on the blog, we took you behind the scenes of our studio to explore the ins and outs of educational game development. In case you missed any of this month’s posts, we’ve gathered them together for you in this resource roundup. Want an inside look at the creative, collaborative, and iterative journey that brings our educational games to life? 

Whether you’re a game enthusiast, an aspiring game developer, or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes magic, this blog post is your backstage pass to understanding the intricacies of game development at Filament Games!

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But before we start rounding up all of these resources, check out Filament Games on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with the latest about our studio! Also, there’s a lot of invaluable information linked to this post – it’s a good idea to bookmark it so you can refer to it later when you need it. 

CEO Interview: The Future of RoboCo

In a recent interview, our CEO Dan White discussed the unique features and future potential of our robotics sandbox game, RoboCo. In this interview, Dan explains how the game stands out from other robotics-related games by combining both computer engineering and mechanical engineering aspects, and how it offers a holistic learning experience, allowing players to design and build their robots before programming them. Dan also details our future goals for RoboCo – which include the game being incorporated into various educational settings, including classrooms, coding classes, maker spaces, and after-school robotics clubs. But there’s a lot more to our discussion with Dan White – check out the whole interview and learn more about how RoboCo can inspire students to pursue STEM careers!

Balancing Fun and Learning in Educational Game Design

In this blog interview, we sat down with Dan Norton, our CCO, to answer a question that makes up the heart of our business: how does one create games that are both fun enough to keep players engaged and educational enough that players walk away with knowledge they can apply to their real lives?

Dan emphasizes that learning and fun should be seen as interconnected partners rather than opposites. He stresses that when learning is made engaging, relevant, and purposeful, it naturally becomes enjoyable. However, he also candidly acknowledges that certain aspects of learning, like mastering skills and dedicated practice, may not always be the most thrilling task for many people. 

To tackle this challenge head-on, Dan proposes incorporating game-based feedback and reward structures that foster a sense of persistence and improvement. There’s much more wisdom where that came from – check out the entire interview to learn more!

Filament Games Podcast | Season 4 Episode 7: Catching Up with Our Friends at iCivics

If you’ve been keeping up with Filament for a long time, you’ll know that Filament Games and iCivics go way back! In this episode of the Filament Games Podcast, hosts Brandon and Dan interview Carrie Ray-Hill, the Senior Director of Digital Learning at iCivics. The episode covers various topics related to game-based learning and iCivics’ unique approach to creating their content. Carrie discusses the impact of the pandemic on civics learning, makes distinctions between partisan, political, and civic content,  gives us an inside scoop on the strategy behind iCivics games, and much more. We’re proud to showcase the valuable work being done by our friends at iCivics, so head on over to the post to tune in to the episode today!

Soaring Behind-the-Scenes with a 3D Artist

Want a birds eye view behind the scenes at Filament Games? This post by 3D Artist Demetri Sofides gives you just that – literally. Tasked with designing 17 unique birds for Serein, our game with Blue Note Therapeutics, Demetri needed to balance simplicity for older devices, distinct personalities, and a tight timeline. He also aimed to make each bird animation feel individual and human, despite using the same rig. This game marked one of Filament’s most ambitious projects to date, made possible through collaborative efforts and a growing team. Discover how we’re continuing to push our creative boundaries here at Filament and read Demetri’s full post!

The Power of Educational Games with Dan White (Podcast)

In case you haven’t heard, our CEO Dan White recently appeared on the Science is Cool (ScIC) Unplugged podcast hosted by Dave Bakker, a science podcast for teachers. Dan and Dave discussed topics such as open-ended problem-solving spaces, RoboCo, and the potential of digital robotics in education. In this episode, Dan explores how RoboCo integrates engineering design thinking into game design, defines screen time, and showcases how video games can be harnessed for educational purposes. Don’t miss out on Dan and Dave’s insightful conversation – check out the full post to listen to the podcast. 

The Importance of User Feedback in Educational Game Development

This month, we also had the pleasure of interviewing Filament Game Designer Laura Beukema on all of her thoughts related to user feedback. User feedback is crucial in the development of educational games – it provides insights into the player experience, gameplay mechanics, and learning effectiveness. In this blog, you’ll discover the difference between user feedback for educational games versus commercial games, what kind of user feedback we typically collect for our educational games, and so much more!

The Art of Designing Games for Impact, Education, and Action (Podcast)

To round off this month, our CEO Dan White was a guest on yet another podcast! This time, Dan White discussed the role of video games in environmentalism on the Save the World podcast hosted by Katie Patrick. The How to Save the World podcast explores evidence-based strategies for motivating individuals to take action for the planet, and this episode dives into the art and science of designing games that educate and inspire real-world change. 

Dan shares insights into Filament Games’ approach to game design, their environmental game offerings, and more. The conversation covers topics such as sustainable practices in Dan’s everyday life, evidence-based game design, and level design that leads to real-life action. Dan also discusses the impact of educational games in real life and the future of games for impact. Want to know how educational video games can bring about a brighter and more sustainable future? Click over to the full post and give the episode a listen!

We hope this roundup of articles has given you valuable insights into game development strategy here at Filament Games. Behind every game we produce, there is a dedicated team of talented individuals who pour their passion, creativity, and expertise into crafting engaging and meaningful experiences for learners of all ages.

Interested in working with us to create your own game for impact? Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s get started!

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